Williams Costa Jr.

Communication Director at G.C.

Joe Sloan

Hope Channel, Inc.’s Director of International Development

As Hope Channel, Inc.’s Director of International Development, Joe Sloan works with the 50 channels that make up the Hope Channel global family by establishing new channels, and working to make each the premier Christian TV outlet in their region of the world. In addition to his international duties, Joe also meets with secular TV executives across the US presenting the value of Hope Channel, and the benefits of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to a mass media audience.
With over 35 years in the television industry, divided between secular news and Adventist media, Joe also has a proven record of success in the industry. He has won multiple national awards in TV production and broadcast news, and is a graduate of the School of Journalism at Texas A&M University.

Bill Knott

Adventist Review Executive Editor

Editor and executive publisher of the Adventist Review and Adventist World since January, 2007. Before his appointment, Bill served as an associate editor for nine years. A pastor for 18 years in both small and large parishes, he ministered in New England, New York, Michigan, and Washington state. He earned a Master of Divinity degree from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University (Michigan) and a Ph. D. in American Religious History from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.With over 35 years in the television industry, divided between secular news and Adventist media, Joe also has a proven record of success in the industry. He has won multiple national awards in TV production and broadcast news, and is a graduate of the School of Journalism at Texas A&M University.

Tamás Ócsai

Communication, PARL and President of Hungarian Union Conferences

Born in an Adventist pastoral family. Holding MA Theology from Calvinist University Budapest. During his more than thirty years ministry he served as local pastor, conference secretary, union secretary, leadership positions in different departments as: youth, media, communication, global mission and PARL. He serves now as the communication, PARL director and as president of the Hungarian Union Conference. His wife Irén is the director of the Hope Media Ministry in Hungary. They have two grown up sons.

Norel Jacob

Editor in Chief presso Revista Semnele Timpului

Norel Iacob (was born in a communist country and spent his teen years in a transition state. Witnessing his country transition from a closed political system to an open democratic society proved to be an intensive training course in identity management and communication. He) was trained a pastor and he served the church as such for 7 years, but his work led him to minister to others through Radio and TV broadcasts. He also taught three courses on New Testament at the Adventus University in Cernica, before committing himself fulltime tocurating the church's interface magazine: The Signs of the Times Romania. He currently manages the publication, its book collection and the daily updated website reaching 1 to 2 millions unique visitors per year

Victor Hulbert

TED Communication, and Publishing Ministries

Dragana Selakovic


She is a cinematographer with a rich experience in a small video production from idea making, concept developing, line-producing, camera work, lighting, setting locations and scenes, directing and editing.
I look for a meaningful, truthful and honest shot with warmth, sensuality and natural beauty in itself. I am a visual storyteller.

Fabian Loser

Youth Leader German Swiss Conference

Is Youth Director of the Swiss German Conference and project leader of Twiste Reality // twisted-reality.com// [email protected]

Denis Boidi

Music Producer HopeMedia Spain

Music and record producer of HopeMedia.es. His works included the artists Tania Tavares, María José Jimeno, Francis Ramos and Angie de la Mota. Music arranger of the hymnal “Bienvenidos a adorar” and composer of soundtrack to: ``The truth in 2 minutes``, ``100 years without you`` and the game ``In search of Jesus``. He was also supported projects such as “Yo pensaba que” (Spain), “Ser Misión” (Argentina) and “La Ventana” (USA). Graduate in Composition with specialization in electroacoustics. He leads, collaborates and advises praise worship groups. He is happily married to Mery Alín Núñez and has a son. Contact: [email protected]

Daryl Gungadoo

Media system innovation engineer

Daryl was born on the island of Mauritius (Indian Ocean), and grew up as a “missionary kid” in East and West Africa. He studied audio engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His degree in electronic engineering and software engineering is from Andrews University (Berrien Springs, Michigan). Gungadoo comes to the Adventist Review Ministries team from Adventist World Radio (Guam, Italy, England) where he worked in engineering R&D for the past 22 years. He is passionate about inventing technology to facilitate the propagation of the Good News. Part of his experience included working with the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, a pioneer in podcasting, 360 VR, and Radio 2.0. Daryl and his wife, Johannie, have two children: Noah and Anoushka. He enjoys photography, UAV videography, scuba diving, hiking, cultural anthropology, and ham radio.

Pablo Sánchez

Jesus follower and CEO at HopeMedia.es

He has designed multitude of websites such as: adventista.es and hopemedia.es. Collaborate in evangelistic projects such as: quecurso.com and laverdaden2minutos.com. He studied Computer Engineering, Accounting and Graphic Design. He firmly believes in transmedia communication as the spearhead of current evangelism. Extreme cyclist and ping-pong player. He is happily married to Jennifer Dreher. He has a son and in September the second will be born. You can contact him at [email protected]

Attila Peli

Project Manager at Hope-Online in Romania

My experience in Project management starts in 2003, when I was appointed to open a new department within Colliers International Romania.
In 2008, I initiated a start-up in the business of media production. We produced various products from commercials to feature documentaries, some being broadcasted on national TV stations in Romania.
This year, 2018, starting with January I was appointed to start a online project inside the Hope Channel Romania organization.

Klaus Popa

CEO at HopeMedia Germany

Klaus Popa studied graphics and communication design in Munich, Germany and worked as an Art Director in a design agency. After pursuing theology studies in Austria and further education in Christian Counselling in England, he did his masters studies in Amsterdam, Netherlands specializing in Biblical languages and Biblical Interpretation. Currently heworks as the chief executive officer of the Inter-European Division media center Stimme der Hoffnung. He is passionate about art, architecture and history and loves the Mediterranean culture and food.

Brent Hardinge

Associate Communication at G.C.

Brent Hardinge is a communicator who is passionate about helping the church to build better websites and use technology to reach people. Het is currently working as an Assistant Director for Communication at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, where he oversees the Adventist Living Pattern System, global church websites, and communication technology. Brent lives with his wife and 3 kids in Maryland, USA.

Paulin Giurgi

Vice President, HopeMedia Germany

During his 5-year tenure, Paulin oversaw branding operations and strategic planning that resulted in the development of the present Resort Communication and Marketing at the media center and the development of the Hope brand through concepts like Hope Center, Hope Sabbath or Hope Partner. Before this role, Paulin was programs director for Latin America at ADRA Germany where he directed disaster response and development programs in different Central and South-American countries. Paulin holds a master's degree in International Social Sciences from Friedensau University, he wrote two scientific books and he is doing his PhD on resilient education at the TU Dortmund, Germany. In his spare time he enjoys spending time on every kind of outdoor activities with his wife, Annika and the two daughters, Naomi and Sarah.

Andreas Mazza

Assistant to the Director, News Editor and Social Media Manager

He was born to Italian parents on August 26, 1975, in Stuttgart, Germany. He earned his highschool diploma in science in 1995 and graduated as an Interpreter and Translator in 2000. He then went on to earn a Master's degree in Diplomacy and Public Relations.
Since 2011, he has been working in the Department of Communications at the Inter-European Division, in the roles of Assistant to the Director, News Editor and Social Media Manager.
Andreas was married to Irida Dragoti in 2008. Together, they have two children, Christine (8) and Alexander (2).

Adrián Duré

Producer at HopeMedia Germany

Originally from Argentina, married and two kids. Filmmaker, TV Producer and working at Stimme der Hoffnung since 2011. Producer and director of REST, Arnion, Animal Encounters Season II and many other international productions. Actually responsible at Stimme der Hoffnung for network and international projects.

Andrew McChesney

Adventist Mission Editor

He has served as editor at Adventist Mission since November 2016, managing, writing, and editing weekly mission stories for the Mission quarterly magazines for adults and children, the weekly Inside Stories for the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, and four new stories a week on Adventistmission.org.
Previously, he served as news editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World for two years. Before that he worked for 17 years at the only English-language daily in Russia, including eight years as its editor-in-chief.

Corrado Cozzi

EUD Communication and Special Need Ministry

Stefan Fraunberger

Technical Director Stimme der Hoffnung

He is 53 years old, married, three adult children. Since 1989 employed by Stimme der Hoffnung.Education: Education in Woodworking/ Carpenter, technical illustrator Metal, and Electrical design.School of Audio Engineering. (SAE)I worked until 1993 in Radio Production and then developed the Video Work at Stimme der Hoffnung.After 2003 Head of Production for Video, 2004 to 2007 maninly responsibel fort he new building development,after 2009 Technical director at Stimme der Hoffnung. Consultiong work for studio development in Europe.Although worldwide supply for HC-Studios for rare / unaffordable and often needed equipment by second hand gear contacts in the industry.

Vyacheslav Demyan

CEO at HopeMedia Ukraine

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

Samuel Gil

Associate Communication Spanish Union

I love the Gospel and creativity. Professor and PhD in Communication Sciences, Master and Degree in Advertising, Degree in Theology.

Tor Tjeransen & Team

Norwegian Union Conference Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty

He is the Communication Director of the Norwegian Union. Tor has 36 years of experience as a pastor and administrator in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Anyone who has met Tor, will have noticed his passion for communicating through photos. He believes the church needs to take new steps in making sure the photos we take are archived in a searchable manner.

Daniel Kluska

Communication and Media at Polish Union Conference

A marketing, advertisement and PR specialist. Project manager with many years of experience. In the Polish Union Conference he is responsible for communication and media, a mission on the Internet, and he cooperates with the ``Sign Of The Times`` Publishing House. Privately, he is the father of two and a devoted worship leader.

Costin Jordache

Adventist Review director of communication & news editor

He serves as director of communication for Adventist Review Ministries and news editor for Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines. Over the last 18 years he has served in roles including vice president for communication in the Central California Conference, assistant to the president for communication in the Texas Conference, senior pastor of the Dallas First Church, pastor for media ministries at the Loma Linda University Church, general manager of the Texas Media Center and adjunct instructor in Communication at Southwestern Adventist University. He holds a Masters degree in Radio, Television & Film (RTF) as well as an MBA, along with a BA in Theology.

Greg Scott

Associate Director Adventist Review/Adventist World

He serves as the associate director of Adventist Review Ministries (ARMies) where he oversees the development of their new audio platform and assists with the global distribution of the Adventist World magazine. Before joining the ARMies last November, he served in various positions at Adventist World Radio, for over 30 years, most recently as thier senior vice president.

Matthias Müller

Former CEO Stimme der Hoffnung

Julio Munoz

Head Filmmaker, NAD

He is currently the director of the Sonscreen Film Festival and the associate communication director for the North American Division. His lifelong love affair with cinema and filmmaking have led him to earn a graduate degree in Cinema, Religion, and Worldview. Julio is currently preparing to direct, Nightmare, a
February 12, 2018 short film and collaborating on the development of a feature film and the dramatic television program,Encounters.

Sascha Schuster

CISO Inter-European Division, IT Director Stimme der Hoffnung

He is a Dipl. Ing (FH) and has been IT Director a STIMME DER HOFFNUNG e.V. EUD Adventist Media Center until the end of 2017. From 2018 Sascha has been elected as CISO of Inter-European Division

Sascha Schuster

Wolfgang Schick - Vice president Media Service at. HopeMedia Germany



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